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Audio Engineering's Ugly Truths. How manufacturers create their own theory to force you to buy their products. How Legendary tools may suck in your mixing and why you should stay away from hype. We will bust monitors and Acoustics Correction Plugins myths. Also how smart EQ trick you. How legendary mics like Neumann U87 and U47 FET mics may suck well. I will show how SSL Channel strip plugins made by SSL, Brainworx and UAD are different from a real SSL. We will also talk how toxic the audio engineering society. Also How we relearn things every year.
How to to waste first 5 years going in the wrong direction. Mixing Misconceptions Guide! We will have a list on all aspects of mixing and then on each clause I will provide many misconceptions. It will be about everything: from Dynamics and EQ to Reverb and Frequency Analyzer.
Best Kick & Bass Mixing Technique! It beats known techniques. You can consider sidechain compression or multiband sidechain compression or sidechain dynamic EQ. But they have disadvantages. Here we use AZ independence concept to fix all flaws of known tricks to get the best kick & bass mixing technique! Andrew Zeleno even wrote a song fore this video about this technique. Check it out!
THis video is something what majority don't know. How to really use Saturation and Harmonics. It's not just color. We will examine every harmonic. We will measure them. We will create a guide how to use it. And there is even cons which will be not only explained by demonstrated and measured. I wrote a song exclusively for this video. Check it out. I think it's the best Saturation tutorial.
Sweep EQ Technique Used Wrong by Many Mixers - Mixing Tips
What Best Compressor Plugin! A unique guide on how to choose the most appropriate compressor in every situations. Very rare nuances few people know are put in this video. A lot of examples how plugin A is better than plugin B in one project. But plugin B is better than A in the other project. We even compare our mix with the best song of the year (Grammy Award). Compressor plugin for vocals. Drum Compression and more. This video should teach you something what you have never known.
Mind-Blowing Mixing with EQ - Mirror Frequency Effect. One of the most important principles of EQ that a lot of people never consider. This video can positively blow your mind. Be careful :) Usually you believe you work on some specific frequency which is not true. To prove my point we will check 4 different examples: heavy electric guitar, how it works even before you apply any EQ, piano-based pop song, Sweep technique for vocals and how it's related to it. Two reasons why Frequency Mirror Effect works. I will be explaining even graphically how different audio aspects affect on the other aspects (muddiness, sharpness, harshness, metallic aspect, sibilances of vocals). This video contains important knowledge on how to work with volume levels. How to decide what to boost or to cut. How low mid depends on upper mid.
New Groundbreaking Mixing Technique - Andrew Zeleno Independence
Rare Guitar Tone Tips - Recording and Mixing, Cool for Synths
Mixing and Mastering's Ugly Truths. The second part of Ugly Truths video. Why not to repeat after famous mixing engineersHow you got trapped when you buy monitors, headphones and acoustic panels and bass traps. Why mixers sometimes don't define audio quality. Why not to learn mixing in specific DAW. And why to learn how to mix instead of how to learn to mix rap, rock, pop music, EDM.