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Andrew Zeleno Mixing Course is one of the best courses which brings real results. Read more about the course at ANDREW ZELENO MIXING COURSE

One of the most important nuances of the course is a 'fair and honest approach'. Any potential student can experience the live class in real-time for free with actual students who are participating in the course at that very moment. Try the class out before enrolling. Visitors can even ask these students for their opinions before enrolling. After enrolling, a student pays only after a week of education, and monthly from then on; in this way, Andrew Zeleno challenges himself to convince students class-by-class that it is the best course to keep enrolled in. 99% of students finish all 9 months of the course and hundreds of students have graduated from the course which has been running continuously for the past 11 years in a row.

Unique home work checking classes, clear teaching methods, critical thinking on pros and cons of any processing, busting myths, not only what to do but why, many unique techniques, information filtering to get rid of commercial disinformation, spending 9 months with students crafting their knowledge and real practical skills.

Andrew Zeleno Credits:
  • Full-time online instructor with hundreds of students graduating from his course over the last 11 years
  • 2006-2016 Senior audio engineer, mixer, producer of State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (1st class audio engineer status according to regulated classification)
  • Years of experience in music mixing, mastering, recording, post production and plugin testing
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In the world of disinformation we ensure that all course reviews are verified. Andrew Zeleno asks his students to put their reviews under his videos on Youtube channel. To verify authenticity of the commenter, Andrew replies to the comment with a confirmation saying that it is a real student and specifies the schedule of the commenter’s group so anybody who takes a free trial class with this group can ask the commenter in-person for their opinion in Skype. Those reviews are copied at ANDREW ZELENO COURSE REVIEW

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